[caption id=”” align=”alignright” width=”200” caption=”This looks like the most awesome snowboarding accommodation in the world!”][/caption]

One of the first things we’re planning to do when we arrive in South America is go snowboarding for a week or two. We’ve looked around near Santiago, our planned flight destination from the UK and found this place in Mendoza, Argentina.

Camping in heated igloo domes? Yes please! :) The best bit being the price, it’s only £220 for 8 days accommodation including meals! Or at least that’s what we think it says, it just seems a bit too good to be true. I’ve emailed them to find out, so fingers crossed that’s the price and still will be in 14 months!

The other dilemma is whether to take our own gear with us and then ship it back to the UK or hire it over there, going to have to do a cost comparison on that and hope it works out cheaper to take our gear. I really don’t want to be using rental stuff. I guess there is also a third option of taking our snowboarding gear over with us and then selling it before moving on with the rest of the trip but that seems a bit daft. We’ll only end up spending the extra money replacing it when we get back.

It’ll be such a good way to start the year though either way, kind of a holiday within a world trip. Awesome!


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I guess hello world is right… It may be the world’s geekiest way to start, well… anything, but it definitely seems appropriate as the first post on this blog.

This right here is our shiny new travel blog and begins a few weeks after we’ve made the decision to leave our jobs and travel the world for a year. Something which Sarah has wanted to do since she was young and something I’ve absorbed slowly from her over the last 2 years. It’s not going to be until next August, so we have plenty of time between now and then but I decided to create the blog now anyway. It’s a way of documenting the planning and preparation and a nice way to feel like it’s already starting to happen, well for me at least.

I’ll leave it at that for now, it’s late and work is looming tomorrow.